Back in my drinking days when asked what kind of beer I liked I would always answer "large". Beer drinkers tend to think along the lines of more beer is better than less beer. But what makes a beer "huge" or "giant"? And are those words too close in definition and marketing purposes are the reason two New Orleans beer sellers are embroiled in a legal battle.

If you've ever walked or stumbled Bourbon Street in New Orleans you've seen the signs for Huge Ass Beer and Giant Ass Beer. You might think they are the same thing. Huge Ass Beer is actually a copyrighted trademark and they don't like how close Giant Ass Beer is to their legally protected moniker. So Huge Ass Beer is taking Giant Ass Beer to Court. Now would be the appropriate time to say #OnlyInLouisiana.

Nicholas S. Karno #1 Inc., The Huge Ass Beer folks, have filed a suit in federal court to block Pamela Olano and Guy Olano Jr., the Giant Ass Beer folks, from selling their product under that moniker. The suit also seeks to recoup damages as well as ending what Nicholas S. Karno #1 Inc. perceives to be a copyright infringement.

When you consider just how much beer is consumed in New Orleans, especially during Mardi Gras, you can understand the financial reasons behind this lawsuit.  We'll all be holding our breath and our Huge/Giant Ass plastic cup waiting to hear what the judge decides.

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