Hurricane Matthew has been the "star" of Hurricane Season 2016. I use the term star in quotation marks because so far it's been the only name system that has posed any significant threat to the United States coastline. That threat is still not a certain threat either. The system does have people along the East Coat of the United States hoping that Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel doesn't come to their town.

The 4 AM update from the National Hurricane Center advises that the center of Matthew is about 230 miles south southeast of Kingston Jamaica. The system is moving north at 6 mph. On this current track the center of Matthew should stay over the open water between Jamaica and Hispaniola. Hurricane warnings have been issued for both islands just to make sure proper action is taken by the populace of both places.

The reliable tropical tracking models are in tight agreement that the motion of the storm will be basically north for the next several days. This will bring the system across extreme eastern Cuba and into the Bahamas. The intensity forecast suggests that Matthew will remain a major hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale as it passes over Cuba and into the Bahama islands.

The long range projection on the track of Matthew does raise some concerns for coastal sections of North and South Carolina over the next five days. Chances are the forecast will be adjusted and fine tuned so interests in Georgia and along the Delmarva peninsula should remain attentive to changing weather developments by next weekend.

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