Generally when there's a hurricane that blows through, one of the most common effects is a loss of power in the area where said hurricane hits.

Hurricane Zeta blew through the New Orleans area on Wednesday, I'm sure it has affected many people and we hope that people were able to stay safe. The New Orleans Saints were among the affected Wednesday afternoon as their practice facility in Metairie lost power but the staff remainder working with generator power according to Mike Triplett of ESPN.

The wind should help replicate the Chicago environment as they don't call it "The Windy City" for nothing.

The team should be getting back to business as usual as the city of New Orleans begins their clean-up of the streets, personal housing, and other debris that scattered with the hurricane wind and rain on Wednesday.

Hurricane Zeta was the third major hurricane that has collided with the state of Louisiana in the past two months. The hurricanes have hit major cities in Lake Charles, here in Lafayette, and New Orleans.

Drew Brees and his family were staying busy during the hurricane getting a little work in for his kids and making good use of the living room via his Instagram account.


Yeah, apparently no flags are thrown at the Brees household as well...

Also, the kids spent some time outside as the eye of the storm was directly over the New Orleans area.


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