If you were with us last Saturday in Downtown Lafayette for the Festival 5k at Festival International you are part of the Acadiana's running community. There are quite a few of our friends and neighbors that get up early, even on the weekends, just to get in a mile or twenty before getting their weekend underway. One of the key components of a good run is staying hydrated. That's where Hydrate Lafayette comes into play.

Hydrate Lafayette is an idea created and developed around Lafayette's running community. Mark LeBlanc founder of the group says the mission is simple. To put water fountains along some of Lafayette's most popular running routes and in the neighborhoods that a lot of runners use.

When Mark spoke to KATC TV 3 about the project he explained how the group decided where the water fountains would be strategically located.

"We talked to our friends about where they like to run and what neighborhoods there were.We also took into account where there are already water fountains like in Girard Park and River Ranch."

The group is now seeking donations to fund the project. Their goal is to raise $14,500 within the next 60 days. If they are able to secure funding then the project will begin. Once all of the locations have been secured, students from UL's Industrial Design Department will enter the picture to actually design the drinking fountains as public works of art.

Where will the water fountains be located and who will pay the bill? LeBlanc explained that this way,

"We've had to get permission from these homeowners to put these fountains in their yards and the fountains are going to be tapped onto the homeowner's water supply so the homeowner is going to be paying for the water,"

Once the funding has been secured the plan is to get these fountains up and running within a week.

If you'd like to find out  more about Hydrate Lafayette, make a donation, or volunteer your home as a water fountain location, or learn a little bit more you can watch this brief video and make a pledge to support drinking fountains in our community.

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