For those of you who have had the misfortune of being stuck in a long line of traffic waiting to traverse the Calcasieu River over the I-10 bridge in Lake Charles your chance to vent is coming on Thursday. Okay, not exactly to vent, but at least you can listen to or offer your two-cents on what needs to be done about the often maligned bridge that connects Louisiana to Texas for all practical purposes.

Louisiana's Department of Transportation and Development will host a virtual ZOOM meeting about the bridge on Thursday evening. The purpose of the meeting according to DOTD will be,

to hear comments from the public regarding alternatives, benefits, and impacts of the proposed improvements. THe meeting will also include payment for the project such as tolls and public-private partnerships.

That's according to a report published Monday, March 22nd on the KPLC Television website. 

According to the KPLC report, DOTD officials would like your input on "what's next" for the structure. From what we understand there are three different alternatives that are being vetted for the project. Here's how they were listed, according to KPLC Television.

  • A long-span bridge with an extension of the Sulphur Avenue East across the river via a moveable bridge and a partial interchange at North Lakeshore.
  • A long-span bridge with an extension of the Sulphur Avenue East across the river to a full interchange at North Lakeshore.
  • A full interchange at Sampson Street would be elevated above the existing street and two railroad crossings. This alternative would not extend Sulphur avenue but would require moving two railroad spur tracks that cross the I-10 Service Road and Isle of Capri Boulevard.

If you're interested in participating or just listening in, you'll need to visit this website. It's If you would like to have your comments heard but are not really comfortable with the online format you can submit your thoughts via email to The phone number to call is (225) 366-9645. Or you can use the regular mail and send your questions, comments and concerns to

I-10 Calcasieu River Bridge Project c/o HNTB Corporation

1000 Perkins Rowe Ste 640

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 70810.

The virtual event is free to attend and will be held Thursday, March 25th from 5:30 pm until 7 pm. Now is the time to let your voice be heard.

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