Ask anyone associated with education in the State of Louisiana what the biggest problem they're facing is and you will likely hear the word money. Money or lack of money to be more precise is the reason the Iberia Parish School Superintendent has opted to cancel the parish's Summer care programs.

In a letter sent from the Iberia Parish School Board to principals and Summer camp program administrators on Monday, the board cited budget issues as the reason they would not be offering the Summer care programs beginning with Summer of 2019.

Courtesy KATC TV
Courtesy KATC TV

The cancellation of the Summer programs has left many parents wondering what they will do with their children during the Summer months. Many parents also expressed concerns that they weren't allowed to participate in meetings surrounding the decision to cancel the programs.

Superintendent Carey Laviolette says the decision to cancel the Summer programs were made at the administrative level and did not require a vote of the school board. Laviolette told KATC TV that it's her hope that by making the announcement now, well ahead of Summer break, that will allow parents enough time to seek out and acquire other care services for their children for the Summer months.


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