Even those of us that don't use recipes have this cookbook. It's not that we really need it but it's got so many wonderful suggestions on how to prepare so many different foods it's great for inspiration. The cookbook in question? The Joy of Cooking.

The original Joy of Cooking was released in 1931 and through the years the stewards of original author Irma Rombauer have made sure the iconic collection of tried and true recipes have kept pace with the needs of today's modern chefs and cooks.

Next year foodie fans can expect a new edition of The Joy of Cooking. This time edited and lovingly prepared by Rombauer' grandson. The new edition will be a freshening if you will of the 87-year-old book. This isn't the first time The Joy of Cooking has been updated, in fact, the collection has been refreshed many times throughout the course of its history.

Fans of The Joy of Cooking can expect the new edition to be released sometime early in 2019.

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