When I am scouting reading material I have to admit a book's title is really what catches my eye if I am not looking for a particular selection my favorite author. The other day I was perusing the shelves at a local bookstore and I started thinking, "If a book had this title and was written about Acadiana, what would the story be about"?

I mean no disrespect to these great books or the authors that penned the originals, I just know that in many cases a good title can apply to several stories. And based on the title only here's what I believe these books would be about if they were written about life in Acadiana.


I realize in some Louisiana communities gray water would be an upgrade from the current color of the liquid that's running into your sink.


Our dear friends in the uppermost part of upper Lafayette seem to catch the worst of it when Mother Nature drops a downpour. Since Carencro only seems to have waterfront property after it rains, we thought this was mildly appropriate.



Let's just say it wasn't the brightest spot in the history of Ragin' Cajun Football but we lived through it and we survived.

12th of never

Here's one for the "Southsiders". I know eventually the Verot School Road construction will be a memory. The title refers to the anticipated date the project will be completed.

game of thrones

I guess this "book" could have been about any of the "public facilities" you find in assorted parks, rest stops, or roadside gas stations.I guess the game is this, do you feel luckier going in or going outside next to a tree.

Lord of the flies

Lafayette's long storied troubles with getting the garbage picked up just recently added another chapter when the company contracted to grab the garbage was delayed by mechanical problems and illness among its workers.

I bet you've got your own books you'd like to add to my list of best sellers about Acadiana. Feel free to send your suggestions in and we'll see if we can find a cover to match your book.

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