The radio station parking lot is basically a thin sheet of sleet and snow covered ice this morning. This is pretty much how every road I drove on to get here looked as well. It's not safe for you to drive this morning. I encourage you to please stay home.

There are many roadways that are closed in and around the Lafayette area.

State police have told us in the overnight hours their troopers and members of the various parish and local law enforcement agencies have worked a lot of crashes because of slick roadways. The most dangerous areas are on elevated roadways and bridges. Many of the state's major bridges are closed this morning.

Think about how many bridges you actually drive on every day. Remember, those little bridges across the coulees and ditches that you never think about, you'll have to think about them this morning as they are some of the slickest spots on the roadway.

The temperature is expected to be above freezing by lunchtime today. That coupled with full sunshine should help to loosen the icy grip of winter for a few hours. Then, later tonight, we'll dive below the freezing mark again and many of these same locations will refreeze with whatever moisture is still left behind.

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