If there is something you want to learn how to do, you can learn it by watching a video on YouTube. I am convinced that every skill known to mankind is demonstrated by someone in a YouTube video. Do you need to know how to sharpen a lawn mower blade? Do you want to know how to brush your dog's teeth? Do you need to know how to knock out a wasp's nest with a flame  thrower? You can see it all on YouTube.

One of my favorite things to explore on the YouTube site is painting and drawing. I have been fascinated since I was young by artist like Bob Ross. His TV show used to mesmerize me. It inspired me so much I took up painting as a hobby. The artist in this video is a lot different than Bob. The video uses fast motion to depict the artist's creation of a drawing of a Snickers Candy Bar. It looks good enough and real enough to eat!

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