If you are like me, every time you get into your vehicle, you make a mental note to clean....something. I don't always have time or money to get someone else to do it for me at the local car wash, so I found some help from the folks at kiwi report, who have amazing hacks on how to clean your car yourself! Some of our favorites are below, but be sure to check out the whole list, and start saving time and money, y'all!


  • Use toothpaste to clean your headlights and tire rims. Toothbrushes can also be used to clean all those cracks and crevices inside and out
  • Use a clay bar, from an arts and crafts store, to shine your car. It automatically picks up all the dirt and gunk from the paint
  • Make your own windshield washer fluid - 3 cups of grain alcohol, 4 cups of water, and a dash of dish washing liquid
  • Use clear nail polish to seal a small crack on the windshield until you can get it fixed professionally. In really hot weather your windshield could crack very quickly if you don't do this
  • To take out car odors, sprinkle baking powder on the seats and carpet, let it sit for awhile, then vacuum up. FYI - I also put a piece of charcoal under the seat for this very same effect. It completely takes out any odor
  • To get dead bugs off the bumper of the car, dampen a dryer sheet with water, and gently wipe them off the vehicle
  • Rub your windshield wiper blades with rubbing alcohol for no streaks
  • Put some scented candle wax inside a jar with a lid, poke holes in the lid, and leave in the car. The heat inside the closed car will release the scent of the wax and keep it smelling sweet.
  • Use silicon gel to clean the air vents of your car. It will pick up every single piece of dirt, dust, and lint!
  • If you have electric windows, make sure that you open all of them and close them frequently. This keeps the rubber from getting dry, and the windows sticking. I once had to have the whole window in my car removed and replaced because we couldn't get it to separate from the rubber on each side of the pane.

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