Ask any firefighting professional what the one thing you need on your side in the event of a blaze in your home. They will tell you time. Quite simply the difference between 10 seconds and 30 seconds could be lifesaving.

This video from National Institute of Standards and Technology demonstrates the difference a few ounces of water can make this holiday season. One of those Christmas Trees has been watered on a regular basis. The other tree was probably more like yours and mine. It was only watered when someone bothered to think about it.

The amount of time from the first flame to roaring inferno is amazing. The dry tree is fully involved in under ten seconds while the watered tree is seemingly just smoldering.

The dry tree would give you no time to escape your burning home. The watered tree would at least give you some extra time to react. That's the time that the firefighters are talking about when they say a difference between life and death.

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