A million square feet that was almost totally destroyed by Hurricane Katrina has been cleaned out. Somewhat. NOLA.com takes us on the first tour since a massive cleanup was implemented inside the old Charity Hospital in New Orleans. This creepy building that is still standing like a giant ghost downtown was built in the 1930's, and has been sitting abandoned for almost 13 years.

The hospital was founded in 1736, and it's history and beautiful Art Deco architecture should have made it one of the first places to be restored after the 2005 disaster, but it is now on the National Trust for Historic Preservation's '11 Most Endangered Historic Places'. It is located at 1532 Tulane Ave.

New attempts at redevelopment could bring back this icon of New Orleans, but considering that parts of the city still look like they did the day after Katrina, I'll believe it when I see it. Check out the video tour below, and some of the photos before the cleanup at Abandoned Southeast. Like I said, creepy.



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