As much as it pains me to write this, say this or even think this, the University of Alabama is pretty good when it comes to putting a football team on the field. For a lot of us in this part of the world even saying the words "Crimson Tide" makes us want to brush our teeth and spit for a week.You do have to give 'Bama their props, they have been winners on the field and there is no better feeling than seeing them lose.

Why is Alabama so good? Well they understand what it takes to get great athletes to come to a hell hole of a town like Tuscaloosa. Tuscaloosa, Alabama is just like Starkville, Mississippi without the glitter. It is a small puss pocket of mildly intelligent people gathered together around a pretty good barbeque joint about two hours from Birmingham.

Why would anyone want to play for Alabama? The facilities, my friends, are amazing. You wouldn't find this kind of luxury in Donald Trump's penthouse. They have hot tubs, cool tubs, smoothie bars, HD TVs and meeting rooms with recliners. I guess when your football program drives 11 percent of your university's revenue you build that kind of a structure.

I have to admit if I had a chance to play for a program with the reputation of Alabama I would certainly be blown away by the facility, the reputation and the mystique. It is a shame that the Crimson Tide will fall to LSU, Mississippi State and Arkansas this year. It's a good thing they padded the schedule with Ole Miss, Georgia State and Chattanooga, that way they will still get invited to the Go Daddy Bowl in Mobile.