A very interesting video was posted to YouTube yesterday (01/06/2020) showing blinking lights in the sky over Sibley, Louisiana.

Posted to the YouTube channel Tales From Out There the video shows five to seven seemingly stationary white blinking lights in the sky on the evening of January 5th, 2020.

Could it simply be a group of drones or something a bit more unworldly?

From the video description on YouTube -

"At approx. 6:05 pm on sun 1/5/2020, I stepped out [the] back door to smoke a cig while watching the NFC wildcard game of Seattle vs eagles football. the second I stepped out, almost directly above me were multiple flashing lights. 5 to7 or more. no sound whatsoever no definition other than an orb shape while it flashed. when there was no flash.. there was no object. the flash of white light occurred to the left and the right of the orb. nothing above or below. they appeared to [be] moving in a WSW direction."


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