I am sure that was the burning question you woke up thinking this morning. Is John Travolta a time traveler? I know I contemplated the idea while I was in the shower and as luck would have it, right here on the world wide web I see there is photographic proof you can purchase on Ebay for just $50,000.00

John Travolta first burst into my conciousness as Vinnie Barbarino on TV's Welcome Back Kotter, I never really figured him for being more than a pretty boy with a funny catch phrase. "Up your nose with a rubber hose", that was the 70's equivelent of "Sit On It" from the 50's. Then came Saturday Night Fever and Urban Cowboy and the next thing you know 30 plus years have come and gone and John Travolta is hauling Oprah's big fat butt to Australia.

I didn't see that coming but perhaps John Travolta did. Some people say it's Travolta's religious beliefs that have him skating between here and now. I have to admit, the picture you can purchase on Ebay certainly looks like John Travolta.

You may recall a similar Internet story last week involving another Hollywood Celebrity, Nicholas Cage. The story with Nick was that he might be a vampire and allegedly there way photographic proof of him existing in another time and place too.

Think about this, haven't Travolta and Cage done films together? Don't they both sometimes seem confused and unsure of where they are and why they are there? Maybe time travel creates some major jet lag and that's why these two stars sometimes appear to be off of their game.

Do you believe they are time travelers or vampires? If you could travel in time which way would you go, forward or backward? What would you wear? Do you think you could survive in a world without cellphones, Internet and microwave popcorn? These are all things to think about and the next time I see John Travolta or Nicholas Cage, I am going to ask them how they do it.

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