Ragin Cajun football kicks off Saturday afternoon at Cajun Field and fans will want to arrive early for several reasons. The main reason is nobody tailgates like Cajun fans. There will be food, dancing, music and you can be a part of the pregame radio show too! Another reason you will want to arrive early is parking.

The days of get in the car and arrive 30 minutes before kickoff have long passed us by. We are on the way to bringing it to the big time. With success comes growing pains and when you add in the muck and mud of a hurricane. Jay Walker the Voice of the Ragin Cajuns has all the information for you.


The bottom line is this. The game starts at 6. If you want to be in your seat for kick off you will need to be at Cajun Field by at least 5 to allow for time to take a shuttle or make the short walk to the stadium.