All I can say is Thank the Good Lord it is on a Friday! Today we celebrate the scientific breakdown that occurs when barley, malt, hops, yeast, and heat get together with a little water.


When that mixture is blended precisely and lovingly looked after by a master brewer a great tasting beverage is born. We call that beverage beer and on a hot day  like today it's going to taste even better.


Today Is International Beer Day:A day to celebrate and contemplate the most popular alcoholic beverage on the planet. Exactly what kind of beer is the most popular on the planet that would probably have to do with what part of the planet you come from.

Here in Louisiana we have seen the rise of many craft breweries over the past few years. Their beers have won awards all across the globe. Some people like the micro brewed beers for their attention to flavor and taste. Others just like beer and lots of it. Regardless whether you like a dark thick beer or a light lager today is your day to enjoy responsibly and celebrate International Beer Day.

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