They say college football in the south is more like a religion than a sport. I would agree with that except for the fact that people probably give more money in support of sports than they do in support of the Almighty but that's not really something I need to expound upon here.

Today is College Colors Day. It's a day that has grown in popularity over the years as more and more college fan bases have adopted the practice of wearing the colors that support their favorite team on the Friday before a Saturday game.

Now in the sense of full disclosure College Colors Day was the brain child of the Collegiate Licensing Company. They are the people that license all official college brand clothing and accessories. They know we're going to buy the stuff, they just want to make sure we buy the stuff that helps our university.

It gives a workplace a sense of pride and a sense of unity to see almost all of the employees wearing the same color supporting the home team. Of course every office has that outsider who supports someone else or the idiot DJ who totally forgot it was college colors day and wore a generic t-shirt.

I personally think all businesses should allow employees to show support for their home team or team of their choice on Friday. The sense of community and team is translated through the similar colored clothing and those that choose to sport the colors of other teams spark some lively conversations in the hallway. It makes college football what college football is supposed to be, fun.

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