If you think about all the time you spend in your vehicle you probably should have a personal relationship with it. Most of us spend several hours a day in our cars and trucks and over time we get to know them better than our significant others.

We learn know their quirks and when they will be cranky. We know how to warm them  up when they're cold and we know how to turn them on even when they are not in the mood. Actually sometimes cars are better than significant others.



Today is Name Your Car Day: Yep, it's a real unofficial official holiday for those of you that haven't opted to commit a moniker to your car. I guess the big question for a lot of people is how do you name a car? I think it's the same thing as naming a kid. At least with the car you can take your time and actually get to know it before you tag it with a name that nobody can pronounce.

In my history of car ownership I have had "The MSLC" that was my 1978 Monte Carlo. It was blue and had the awful fuel shortage body design where everything was squared off. The MSLC stood for Mid Size Luxury Car. It was mid-size but luxury? Nope. It head the headliner falling down so any young ladies with the high 80's hair quite often found my headliner in her hairdo.

I had a Ford Bronco II when I lived and worked in Dallas. It was blue and silver like the Dallas Cowboys and it sucked like the Cowboys did. I called this vehicle "Deucy" originally because of the Bronco II moniker but later because it turned out the car was a piece of crap. It had a serious issue with the electronics and the power doors and windows would inadvertently lock and unlock or go up and down on their own. I think the car was haunted.

I had a Ford Explorer that I affectionately named "The Big Blue Pig". This was a great car for me. It had room for the kids and about three tons of debris. I hated giving up that car. It had broken door handles and stains on the seats but it smelled like home and you could haul anything in it. I probably had the needles of ten years of Christmas trees in that darn car.

My current car is named "Tee" it earned it's name for two reasons. Almost everybody in South Louisiana knows somebody named "Tee". It usually means little. Like Bobby Hebert's kid is T- Bob. My car is a "T-Bird" which could mean little bird. It's only got two seats and after years of hauling kids around for carpool I can appreciate the fact that I get to be basically alone in the car.

Those are my cars and their names, what do you call your car? Send me a picture we might do a feature story on you and your car if you have a good story to go along with it. As always you tell the best stories and we love to share them.

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