Do you know how sometimes you're just scrolling through Facebook or social media when a video catches your eye? That is what happened to us over the weekend. Most folks have all been out at a bar a time or two in their lives and know how chaos can happen at any point.

This is the case when we saw this video. We were scrolling through Facebook when we saw this video of about 20 people standing by a truck outside in the parking lot of a bar and wondered, what the heck are they about to do?

So that got our curiosity up enough to watch the video. Let us set the scene for you. First, we saw that a bar named the B&B Bar had posted the video so we looked up where that bar is located and saw that it is in Vinton, Louisiana.

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Then we watched the video and we saw a bunch of folks standing next to this truck and they started rocking it back and forth. They did that a few times before they all worked together to actually get enough momentum to lift the truck up and flip it over.

We were contacted by the owner of the bar and he said,

The story behind the truck!! Breux’s wrecker donated the truck to us for the benefit we did for Nibletts Bluff Park. LSU played Alabama that day, so we put a bunch of bama stickers on it, and for a donation you could take a swing at it with your choice of bats or hammers.  Unfortunately lsu lost, so the bar clearly wasn’t happy about it!!

It is unknown if this was done as a joke or if the patrons who flipped over the truck knew the owner. Once we watched the video, we noticed that the bar had posted this above the post:

That one time at the B&B in 2017

So we don't know if this happened recently because of what the post said. So we can only assume that it happened in 2017 as the video post said. Here is the video we saw. Check it out.

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