A woman was frustrated with her fiancé after he requested they leave an empty seat for his late friend at their wedding.

"Me and my fiancé, Nicolás, have been together for four years. We've been meticulously and happily planning our wedding, but we hit an obstacle when it came to the guest list," she wrote on Reddit.

Her fiancé "wanted to reserve a spot at our wedding for his friend, who passed away six years ago."

"While I understand the significance of honoring loved ones who have passed, the idea of dedicating a slot on our already VERY tight guest list to someone who won't physically be there just didn’t sit right with me," the woman continued.

She tried to express her concern to her fiancé, but it "quickly turned into an argument," with him seemingly "unwilling to understand my perspective, which only added to my frustration."

"A few days later, during dinner with my parents, who are footing the bill for the wedding FYI, I brought up the issue again. I felt it was important for them to be aware of our guest list and seating arrangement. I suggested allocating the spot to a living friend or family member who would actually be present to celebrate with us, especially considering it's a small wedding," the bride-to-be recalled.

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The empty chair would be positioned next to the groom, but the bride didn't like the optics of that.

"Nicolás got defensive again and shot-down the argument again. My mom and sister took Nicolás's side. My dad agreed with me and said that wasting a chair, a place in our very-own table, wouldn't make much sense. Eventually, Nicolás conceded, and he honestly didn't seem that upset about it and he gave me a big smile," she shared.

However, the bride's mom was upset and told her she was "out of line for bringing that to the conversation and it was a low-blow to put him on the spot like that in front of them," and that she shouldn't be "shaming" him for wanting to honor his late friend.

"But honestly, I don't think it was that big of a deal. It was just a discussion that I felt needed to be addressed. I love Nicolás, and I don't believe this disagreement reflects our feelings for each other. I simply think the focus of our wedding should be on us and our living loved ones. While honoring the memory of his friend is a nice gesture, I can't help but feel it's a matter of time and place," she concluded.

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Users in the comments slammed the bride for not thinking about her future husband's feelings.

"This significantly matters to your future husband, but the entire way through your text you trivialize it by saying it doesn’t matter, it’s not that big a deal, it’s only small, etc. What you really mean is it doesn’t matter to you and therefore it doesn’t matter at all," one person wrote.

"She wanted a cat, I wanted a dog, so we compromised and got a cat. She doesn't want to compromise, she wants her way," another commented.

"Imagine not saving a chair for this poor dead friend just so a random plus one can attend. She has completely undermined her fiancé’s feelings. It’s blatantly obvious ... Yes, we can tell everything about your relationship," someone else chimed in.

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