A flyover near Downtown Baton Rouge had many looking up to the sky Tuesday, and even had some asking what may have been happening.

WAFB posted a few videos showing three planes doing tricks above downtown Baton Rouge and you have to admit that this was impressive.

The Baton Rouge-based television station reports, "Jimmy Fordham with the Titan Aerobatic Team said three pilots from their group performed the airshow as part of a private celebration recognizing Louisiana Aviation Day."

Not knowing this was all part of a celebration, some in the Baton Rouge area were startled by planes overhead Tuesday evening.

In addition to that statement, WAFB found a statement by a group it reads. "Louisiana Airport Managers and Associates (LAMA) says that the day “aims to educate our legislators about the current state of aviation in Louisiana while creating discussion surrounding our industry’s current needs and challenges.”

If you weren't lucky enough to see the show over Baton Rouge and the Mississippi River on Tuesday, check out some of the videos caught over the capital city.


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