When Facebook crashed or was shut down this week, some people literally lost their minds.

Sure, we all love social media for what it is, but when Meta experienced a technical issue earlier this week, many were left scrambling.

Like some of you, we too thought that our account may have been "hacked" or that something "fishy". was going on. It turned out that the problem wasn't an isolated issue, and that many around were also dealing with social media platforms not working.

One man in Texas was in an Apple Store when the social media platform crash occurred this week and when employees couldn't assist him with his Facebook account, he acted like a child in the store.


Often when kids can't get their way, they pitch a fit or throw themselves on the ground, well this grown man did something very similar to that.

According to the post below, when this grown adult was told that this was a worldwide issue and not just an isolated issue he still demanded that Apple restore his Facebook account.

Well, that wasn't going to happen so this man got up on a display table in the store and decided to lay across it, much like what a child may do if he or she doesn't get their way.

The moment was caught on camera and now the world is asking what is wrong with this grown adult. We know what it is, and it all centers around him not getting his way while in the store---Over Facebook being down.

Do you think he's embarrassed now that his photo has gone viral? After all, he has had to see this being that Facebook and Instagram were only down for about an hour.

Here are a few comments on the photo from the Apple Store in Dallas, TX.

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