Louisiana pet owners will have a soft spot for what a local man is doing to raise money for rescue dogs in Evangeline Parish.

With most Louisiana animal shelters at max capacity funding is at an all time low. Matthew Baker has decided to take matters into his own hands and get the necessary funding for the shelter him and his wife run and operate to ensure the 64 dogs under their supervision get the proper care they deserve.

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Matthew Baker, the founder of Heroes Everywhere Animal Rescue, is taking on a unique fundraising effort to build a much-needed animal shelter equipped with a spay/neuter clinic in Evangeline Parish. His mission is to raise $250,000 and the way he has decided to fun raise the money proves just how dedicated he is to the cause.

He has bravely pledged to sleep outdoors alongside the 64 rescue dogs under his care until the money is raised.

What we're doing is real and we're committed to it. We're not going anywhere, and we need help

His wife Bre will ramain indoors to care for the other animals that require more hands on care like bottle feeding. Baker told Louisiana radio network that while she will be inside she will be kept just as busy.

So yes, she’s got plenty to do inside. I kind of think this is going to be like a vacation for me. I’m going to lay down on my cot and sleep with the dogs

If you are interested in donating or learning more more information is located on the The Heroes Everywhere Animal Rescue website.


We are a 501c3 animal rescue that is dedicated to improving the lives of animals in our area and abroad. We work diligently to save these animals from euthanasia at local shelters and/or a depraved life on our streets. Our goal is to take these abandoned animals from "stray" to companion. We do so by working closely with local shelters, municipalities and other rescue organizations in order to provide proper food, housing and veterinary care while simultaneously working to promote these beautiful creatures to potential adopters.

We also intend to focus a great deal of effort on promoting and providing spay/neuter programs to our locale through education of the public and partnership with capable organizations in order to provide incentives to the community for helping us "plug the hole" by having their pets altered. We also intend to push for stricter adherence to the animal cruelty laws already in place by asking for harsher penalties for violations. Finally, we will work toward a breeding moratorium for our area, stopping all "backyard breeding", at least till such a time as we see our streets, shelters and rescues no longer over-run by neglected animals.

This is a huge undertaking, and we cannot do this alone. Which is why it is also our mission to form partnerships with other like-minded individuals in facing, and overcoming, these difficult issues. It is our belief that everyone contributing a little will accomplish a lot. To do this we have to be selfless in our relationships, as well as in our pursuit to help these precious creatures. Being kind to one another is the cornerstone of everything we are trying to accomplish here. Without that...it all falls apart.

Our mission, therefore, is to honor God in everything we do; from helping the animals to dealing with one another. If this sounds like a team you'd like to be a part of we would love to have you. This world surely needs more Heroes!

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