The Youngsville Chamber of Commerce has officially announced that the iconic fast food chain Whataburger will soon be gracing the city of Youngsville, Louisiana.

Residents are excited for this new flavor to hit town as the new Whataburger location will find its home within the upcoming Cane Centre, a 14,500 square-foot shopping center located in the heart of Sugar Mill Pond. Nestled conveniently at the roundabout where E Milton and Bonin Rd intersect, the center is expected to become a hub of activity and community connection.

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Construction for the Cane Centre is slated to get started this fall, marking the latest chapter of Youngsville's ever-growing retail landscape. The center is set to be a dynamic space, offering a diverse array of attractions, including an enticing mix of restaurants, small retail outlets, and anchor retail establishments.

Residents of Youngsville and the surrounding areas are being urged by the Youngsville Chamber of Commerce to come together and extend a warm welcome to Whataburger as well as the promising Cane Centre development.

Youngsville Mayor Ken Ritter is optimistic that the new Whataburger and the Cane Centre shopping complex "will not only provide residents with enhanced dining and shopping options but will also generate employment opportunities and stimulate economic growth in the region." As Youngsville continues to evolve into a destination of choice, this development marks a significant milestone in its journey toward progress.

Elizabeth James
Elizabeth James

With its iconic orange-and-white branding and a menu that has captured the hearts of countless foodies, Whataburger's arrival in Youngsville is expected to create a buzz that will resonate beyond just the Youngsville community. The fast food chain's reputation for quality and consistency is bound to complement the thriving local atmosphere.

As the construction crews gear up to break ground this fall, Youngsville residents are preparing to embrace the Whataburger experience along with the exciting retail offerings of Cane Centre. The city of Youngsville's growth continues to unfold, and with each new development, its place on the map of Louisiana's most promising places to live, work, and play becomes even more pronounced.

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