Ville Platte, LA (KPEL News) - Louisiana State Police have arrested an Evangeline Parish man in connection with a harrowing incident that led to a Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) agent's gun going off. More than a month after the altercation, the suspect is in jail and facing serious charges.

Around noon on February 12, 2024, an LDWF enforcement agent was surveilling a home on Crooked Creek Parkway in Ville Platte because a warrant had been issued for the arrest of 43-year-old Johnny Clark of Turkey Creek.

As he was conducting surveillance, the Louisiana agent came into contact with Clark in a wooded area nearby. Clark ran off, went into his house, and armed himself with a gun. A family member inside was able to get the firearm from Clark, who ran out of the house, got into a vehicle parked in the yard, and tried to leave.

The agent got into the car to try to stop Clark from leaving. The two began fighting, and Clark tried to take the agent's weapon. During the melee, the gun fired, striking the driver's side door. Neither Clark nor the agent was injured. Clark was taken into custody, and Louisiana State Police Bureau of Investigations began an investigation.

Clark was booked on Thursday, March 21, on the following charges:

  • Attempted first-degree murder
  • Attempted disarming of a peace officer
  • Battery on a peace officer

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