LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - In continuing our mission to support local business and try everything Lafayette has to offer, we made a concerted effort in 2023 to try a lot of new restaurants that had opened in the area.

It's a pretty well-documented fact that we in south Louisiana love food. We have an amazing number of restaurants and shops throughout the Acadiana region devoted to Cajun cuisine, as well as Cajun takes on other regional foods.

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While we have an active restaurant scene, some businesses tend to come and go, so there are times when we really want to try something new, only to find out it's become something else before we can get a taste.

With a lot of restaurant openings in 2023, however, there are several places on the list of potential date nights and family dinners, and with the coming of the new year comes opportunities for all that and more. Here are the restaurants we've just got to try in 2024.

Rocket-87 Seafood & Wings

A brand-new restaurant on the scene in Lafayette, this one opened up on Ambassador Caffery in the old La Hacienda location (just in front of Walmart). To be honest, you had us at "Seafood & Wings," but the early reviews are in and they've been stellar so far.

Since it just opened in mid-December 2023, we're hoping that it sticks around. The menu looks absolutely fantastic. Maybe they'll earn their way to our list of the Best Wings in Lafayette.

Parish Biscuit Company

Brunch is one of the four food groups, and Parish Biscuit Co. seems to do it right. They aren't just a breakfast/brunch spot, though. They're open through lunch and the full menu offers a look at a refined daytime dining experience.

Biscuits are what they do, of course - it's in the name, after all - but there are so many options we'll definitely be looking at multiple trips to try it all.

The Chimes

A dining experience that began in Baton Rouge, continued in Covington, and has now expanded to Lafayette, The Chimes states on its website that "Our goal is to provide a relaxed, family friendly experience while serving the best made-from-scratch menu possible."

There are a lot of seafood-based options, but if that's not your thing, there are a lot of other items you can try. But the emphasis on "made-from-scratch" dominates the menu's offerings.


To be absolutely fair, if you show me a picture of bread pudding, I'm a fan and can't wait to go. But Gather, located on Garfield in Lafayette, offers a lot more than that. Burgers, sandwiches, and tacos are all on the small menu, and it's clear they focus on unique experiences with each one.

But, yes, I want that Banana's Foster Bread Pudding.

Superior Grill

While it's still under construction, we're expecting Superior Grill to be opening in 2024, and we're expecting to go as soon as it opens its doors. If you've never experienced Superior Grill elsewhere in the state, you've missed out. Thankfully, you have a chance to experience it here in Lafayette soon.

TaD's Louisiana Cooking

TaD's in Youngsville is gaining a cult following in the community, and if the rave reviews of the gumbo alone aren't enough, some of the specials they advertise on their page - like $1 Wings on Thursdays and $1 Oysters on Tuesdays - are just too awesome to pass up.

Some of y'all who live closer to Youngsville than I do, let me know what you think before I drive there all the way from Carencro.

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Lucia Bakehouse

While it's not technically a restaurant, this bakery produces some stunning pastries. Lucia puts their focus on Viennoiseries Pastries, described by Lafayette Travel as "the love child of French bread and a classic pastry."

If you check out their social media, you'll see some fantastic, beautiful baking. And it also looks almost too delicious to eat.

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