Head Coach Mark Hudspeth's Ragin' Cajuns survived the Spring Game without sustaining any injuries, and they provided the fans with some entertainment too. The team had a nice day, but it was former Cajun great Jake Delhomme that stole the show at halftime.

Delhomme wasn't the only proud member of Cajun Nation to return to Cajun Field for the fans. Charles "Peanut" Tillman signed autographs and shook hands, and he saved time to do play-by-play for the QB Challenge.

The QB Challengwas only supposed to be halftime entertainment, but the former Cajun QB's (Jake Delhomme, Brian Mitchell, Jerry Babb, Donnie Wallace) ended up creating the most drama. Current QB Dion Ray led the way, until the older gunslingers got a hack at it...enjoy it for yourself, and listen to Jake try to play it all off at the end.

Stop showing off, Jake...

The other guys should have known not to let Jake get the final spot. He studied up on how they went wrong, and then he went out and lit it up.

Delhomme wasn't the only one that enjoyed the day. The fans ate thousands of pounds of crawfish (literally) to help out the RCAF, and all the brass were out and about to mingle with Cajun Nation. Athletic Director Scott Farmer was there with RCAF Executive Director Jim Harris, and they were more than pleased with the turnout for the event.

Check out the video below to experience the day for yourself, and hear from the former Cajun greats (Tillman, Mitchell), Coach Hud and all the important people you want to hear from.

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