James Dupre’s new single “Stoned To Death” is a great heartbreaker with a dark country lyric that holds you down to listen. The former The Voice singer’s storytelling shines during this personal performance.

Comparing heartbreak to being imprisoned isn’t original, but Dupre absolutely takes you there with him. You’re alongside him in his neon cell, feeling every sharp rock hurled from a memory that won’t give up. The overused “Tear In My Beer” theme is twisted in this haunting country song from the singer and actor’s Stoned To Death album.

Jessi Alexander, Clint Daniels and Jeff Hyde wrote the title track from the new album. Dupre owns the performance, however, recalling Eric Church at times with his timbre and his willingness to explore dark places with metaphor.

Did You Know?: Dupre stars alongside Randy Travis in a new movie called The Price.

Listen to James Dupre, “Stoned To Death”

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James Dupre, “Stoned To Death” Lyrics:

“The gavel fell / When the door slammed / She didn’t say a word but I heard ‘Go to hell’ / So here I am, chained to this bar tab / And doing my time in this dive / It’s my neon holding cell.”

“Till I find some way to escape the past / I’ll be watching the world from behind the bars and through the glass / She handed me down a sentence the day she left / 99 years to life and stoned to death.”

“I broke her heart, I plead guilty / And I wear my regret like a number on my soul / I’d give anything if she’d forgive me / But there’s no time off for good behavior, or chance of parole.”

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