A fast thinking Jefferson Davis Sheriff's Deputy  is being called a hero today. Deputy Josh Bienvenu arrived on the scene of a house fire in the community of Laccasine early yesterday morning. The video above is from the deputy's dashcam.

As you can see the front of the structure was fully involved so Deputy Bienvenu who was joined by a volunteer fireman who arrived on the scene at the same time let their training take over.

He and a volunteer fireman that drove up went around to the back of the house and kicked the door in and went inside and woke the family up. It was a husband, wife and a son and he was able to get them out of the house without any injury.

Those are the words of Chris Ivey a spokesperson for the Jefferson Davis Sheriff's Department as reported by the Louisiana Radio Network.

Deputy Bienvenu's quick thinking and courageous actions are being credit with saving the lives of that sleeping family.



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