I noticed Jeff Goldblum trending on Twitter today and quickly checked into it hoping he was OK. That's when I found out thankfully he's just fine, and by the looks of it, his fighting look-a-like is just fine as well.

Twitter user Leo Senpai shared a video with the caption "Yoooo my neighbors just fought". The video shows two men fighting on the sidewalk outside of Leo Senpai's window. I'm not sure what the issue was between the two men, but Jeff Goldblum has some pretty vicious spin kick moves!

Oh, wait...that's not Jeff Goldblum?

No, it's not actually Jeff Goldblum, but rather a guy that looks like Jeff Goldblum.

The video has thousands of retweets and comments, and they're pretty entertaining.

Hopefully, both guys are OK and have settled whatever issues they have so this doesn't happen again.

So, if you were wondering why you're seeing Jeff Goldblum's name popping up everywhere right now, the video below is why.

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