Every member of law enforcement understands the dangers they face every time they go on duty. Keeping these highly trained and highly valued individuals safe while they are keeping us safe has become a high priority for communities around the nation.

While most agencies have bulletproof or protective clothing for their human officers, not all departments have such protection for their K9 officers. The reason is pretty simple. That kind of specialized equipment can run into the thousands of dollars.

This is where organizations such as Thin Blue Line USA and Vested Interest in K9s, Inc.enter the picture. The efforts of these organizations have once again hit home as they have made a very generous donation to an Acadiana area police department.

Let's hope that Buck or his human partners never have to call on their safety gear to keep them out of harm's way. Still, it's great to know of giving people and giving organizations that understand the important role that all of our officers, human and K9, play in keeping us safe.

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