There is nothing more aggravating that coming out of a store and noticing that someone has dinged or what was alleged in this case, crashed into your car. Desiree Scott of Jennings reported to Jennings police that her vehicle had been damaged while it was parked on Main Street. That report was filed on March 9th.

That prompted Jennings PD to begin their investigation into the incident. Yesterday, March 11th, Scott was arrested in the case. You might be wondering how could someone be arrested or even accomplish hitting and running with their own vehicle?

Here's what police allege actually happened. They say Scott actually damaged her vehicle when she crashed into a gas pump in Crowley. We're not exactly sure how police put those pieces together but you have to remember, law enforcement agencies communicate with each other so perhaps a tip from Crowley lead Jennings officers to put two and two together.

Regardless, Scott was arrested and charged with one count of hit-and-run driving false complaint. She was booked into the Jeff Davis Parish Jail.

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