Are you a morning person? Most people aren't, but that is OK because I am here to help you cranky, morning folks. I am somewhere in the middle. Some days I wake up in a silly, happy mood, while other days I am a complete... you know what (just ask Bruce and The Kennel Club). Here are five, wonderful tips to help you wake up on the "right side of the bed."

  1. Eat your breakfast. You hear this all the time. Breakfast wakes up your body and keeps you energized until lunch time. Also, a cup of caffeine such as coffee or tea will alert your senses.
  2. Give yourself plenty of time. Instead of squeezing in 30 extra minutes of Z's, wake up and give yourself enough time to eat breakfast, drink coffee, or listen to some music. Running late will automatically ruin a potentially 'good mood' morning.
  3. Wake up and feel fortunate. Instead of automatically thinking about all the stuff you have to do that day, or dwelling on a fight you had with someone, wake up and think positively. Life is good.
  4. Look good to feel good. Don't you feel your best when you are dressed nicely?  I think us women can all agree that when we look good and feel confident, we are more ready to tackle the day. Put on that flattering blouse, high heels, or rosy blush to make you feel good!
  5. Work out. Yes, this one is hard because you have to wake up atleast an hour earlier than you normally would. However, working out doesn't have to be an hour's worth of sweating; it can be twenty minutes of weight lifting in front of the TV while you're watching the morning news. Grab your dumbbells and do a couple reps to wake your body up!

I hope these five tips can help you wake up and feel like a happier person. Remember, what you think about, you bring about.