I guess there is a reason Bobby Jindal has been spending so much time away from the state. He isn't very well liked in Louisiana if you can believe the results of a new poll. In fact that new poll suggest that more than two thirds of Louisiana voters really don't approve of the way Mr. Jindal is allegedly running the state. That is when he is in the state and has time to offer attention to our tremendous budget crisis.

The Southern Media and Opinion Research Poll showed that just 31% of Louisiana voters approve of the way Bobby Jindal is running the state. Barack Obama was given a positive rating by 42% of Louisiana voters. That does not bode well for Mr. Jindal who allegedly has eyes on seeking Mr. Obama's job.

Pollster Bernie Pinsonat says Jindal's low approval rating will not be good should he officially throw his hat in the ring for President.

When you leave the state and talk about where you're the Governor you should be able to leave the state and talk about how popular you are.

Pinsonat made his comments in a story published by the Louisiana Radio Network. Jindal has not officially announced his intentions for after he leaves the Governor's office later this year.

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