Are speed cameras a scam? One judge certainly thinks so. Judge Robert Ruehlman wrote in his Thursday decision. "It is a scam the motorist cannot win."

The case that was heard in Hamilton County Ohio could have far reaching effects. Could it possible reach as far south as Lafayette's Safe Speed and Red Light Cameras?

One of the issues in the Ohio case was the process by which an accused motorist might appeal a fine. In the Ohio case a $25 appeals fee was required before authorities would even review the case. In Lafayette Parish the system of appeals does not require a fee.

How do you feel about the cameras? It has been proven the cameras have played an important part in reducing accidents at intersections around town. I personally don't mind them at intersections. I don't like them as speed enforcement. I think that is almost entrapment since many times the mobile units are hidden from plain sight and the threshold for triggering the camera is set too low.


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