One of the biggest fallacies about Lafayette Consolidated Government's red light camera program is that violators aren't really required to pay the fines they accrue. At last nights consolidated council meeting, the council took measures to put some sharper fangs into the bite that to some was only a bark.

In a vote of 5-3 the council approved a policy to file law suits to recover unpaid fines if a collection agency was unable to do so. The amount of unpaid fines since the red light cameras went into service is estimated to be about 6.6 million dollars. Under the proposal approved at last nights meeting delinquent fines of $125 or more can be referred to a collection agency after 120 days past due. The collection agency then has an addition 120 days to collect the fine, if they are unable to do so then the matter could be turned over to the justice system.

Before moving forward with this proposal the current administration is  likely to propose an amnesty program for violators who are delinquent in payment of fines owed. This amnesty program would likely call for the waiving of late fees accrued during the delinquency of the fine.

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