Yesterday members of the Vermilion Parish Crisis Team were scheduled to address students at Dozier Elementary School concerning the consequences of making a threat toward students or a school. Also yesterday, a Vermilion Parish juvenile was taken into custody in connection with the most recent threats made against a school in the parish.

Let us hope that the Vermilion Parish Crisis Team, educators, administrators, law enforcement agencies, and most importantly parents can get the message across to the kids that threatening a school is no joke. I can tell you that members of law enforcement and the judicial system do not find any humor in such matters and those who bring about threats to our schools will be punished.

Granted, the juvenile who was taken into custody late Wednesday will not be punished as if he or she were an adult. However, they are still subject to legal action. Plus the student could face disciplinary actions from the school system.

In the previous episodes of school threats in Erath, it was determined that the threat was made by a 3rd-grade student who was not even aware of what his actions his "threat" had brought about.

According to the Erath Chief of Police, the juvenile that was taken into custody late Wednesday night is over the age of 10. However, very few other details on the case were given because of the age of the suspect.

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