Alvin Kamara is setting the record straight.

The New Orleans Saints running back had a hell of a game on Christmas day, tying an NFL record six touchdowns in a game vs. the Vikings. It's a game that will be hard for anyone to forget—not only because of the amazing touchdown feat but because Kamara did it in two different colored shoes to show his Christmas spirit.

Speaking of which, Kamara knew the fine for his red & green cleats was inevitable and he said he planned to match it and give it to charity when "the Grinch" would hand it down.

On January 11, Kamara shared a photo of the memorabilia from that day, along with a special note from the NFL.

Immediately, it was assumed that the Saints running back was sending up the gear to Canton to be displayed in the Hall of Fame. Many local and national sports news outlets reported as such, including Bleacher Report Gridiron.

This was just one of the many accounts that Kamara retweeted as false, saying that he actually boxed up the gear to bring it to his home. They have since deleted the tweet, but here is a screengrab of the call out.


Alvin wasn't just picking on Bleacher Report, as he swiftly denounced other accounts who tagged him in their stories claiming that he sent the gear up to Canton.

To be fair, I can see why some of the sports media outlets assumed that Kamara would be shipping the items up to Canton, but it wouldn't have taken much effort for them to actually confirm that fact with the NFL.

Something tells me Alvin's clapback will make them double-check next time.

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