After working a 17-hour shift at a hemodialysis center, 29-year-old Na’Kia Sinegal of Kaplan stopped at CVS in Kaplan. That CVS stop was a huge test of character for Sinegal.  Sinegal stumbled upon a wad of cash that totaled thousands of dollars. According to,  Sinegal said after she saw it, she counted those crispy dollars then immediately went looking around to see if she could find anyone in distress or looking for the missing money.

With no luck in seeing anyone looking panicked and searching for cash in the store, Sinegal said she gave her name and phone number to the employees and told them that she would follow up. Sinegal said after several hours passed, she called the CVS to see if anyone had called to claim the money and no one had. She said the police weren’t informed either.

Sinegal contacted a local TV station and asked for help. After the news story and a few calls, Sinegal received a call from someone who works for the CVS saying that a man picked up his cash. Sinegal wasn’t able to meet the man, but she is relieved that everything fell into place and the money found its way to the owner.

Sinegal is a good, honest, human being that did the right thing. Luckily, she was the one who found the cash and was determined to find the owner. Sinegal said she didn’t have any intentions of telling her story, but she was encouraged to do so by Kaplan Councilwoman Eva Dell Morrison. Morrison said she hoped the story would encourage others to be honest and do the right thing.

I did not think twice about keeping the money. I felt in my heart that it was the right thing to do. Plus my mother raised me to be prideful in honesty, respect, and kindness. - Na'Kia Sinegal

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