I am a chicken. Really. That may actually be an insult to chickens because I can't do anything cool like lay an egg, but you know what I mean. When I was growing up, my grandmother lived across the street from us. If my mom asked me to go to her house at night, I'd make her stand at the door and watch me. Then, I would run like my behind was on fire. I am NOT exaggerating. I couldn't watch "The Wizard of Oz." The flying monkeys were bad but that green witch! Just typing "green witch" has me looking around my empty house and the hair standing up on the back of my neck. Needless to say, I never saw "The Exorcist." Just hearing that bell song gives me the heebie-jeebies. Forget visiting a haunted house! Oh no! Not this little girl! I do like to look at some of the interesting decorations people put in their yards, though, that aren't so scary. Last year, my neighbor got a big, inflatable pumpkin... thing. It's four or five pumpkins stacked up and it's really sweet. Then, last week, my grand daughter and I were on my porch and noticed my neighbor added to her yard collection. A very large black and green spider. Hm? I noticed the head moving and thought it was the wind. Well, it wasn't! It's motorized or something. My little sweetheart and I stood staring, mesmerized, and there went the hair on my neck. After what seemed like a long time but was only a minute or so, I mentally shook myself out of the trance and asked her if she thought that was cool. This 2-year-old, in all her astute wisdom, continued staring, shook her head and said "uh-uh!" Smart kid, that one.