What happened here?

Katy Perry was recently performing at her residency in Las Vegas when fans noticed that one of her eyes shut and had trouble re-opening it.

While her show often runs like a well-oiled machine, this "glitch" was caught by some in attendance and a video of her eye shutting took social media by storm.

One person noted that the glue for her fake eyelashes may have been the root of this mishap, as the glue may have attached to her lower lash.


This slight mishap did not cause any major delays in the pop star's set or show, as she was able to free her eye and open it after a very short pause.

One fan jokingly stated on social media, 'Mechanical failure, she even presses that button to keep it open.'

Here's a look at Katy Perry's eye getting shut for a brief moment while on stage, and yes, I am sure this is one moment in her career that she'll never forget.

Still, I do ask, why does it look like she's pressing a button to open her eye? Does she have some sort of chip inserted?


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