14-year-old Daron Taylor is the owner of D's Lawn Care in Cleveland, Ohio and after watching this video, you might want to pay him to cut your yard.

The video above went viral—first on Instagram, then on Facebook—because of the drive that the ninth grade business owner showed when it came to his lawn business. Instagram user @deonshotme took the video of the Daron, who describes his mode of transportation and the custom trailer he built out of wood.

This wasn't the first time Deon saw Daron in action.

Ever since his video has gone viral, Daron has set up an official Instagram account for his business and a GoFundMe page to help achieve his dream of having the world's largest lawn care service.

I'm a ninth grader currently attending digital arts. I'm saving to one have the worlds largest lawn care service ever. My lil brother and I cuts multiple yards daily to achieve my goal. Please donate to help me buy new equipment and further achieve my goal thank you and God bless.

Of course, we are on the internet where people are skeptical—specifically when it comes to heartwarming stories—so some negative comments about this being a scam have already been posted.

As always, use your judgement, but it seems as if his mother has posted a video to his account addressing the speculation.


Make sure you follow Daron's journey through his Instagram page and hopefully his story will inspire others to work hard towards achieving their dreams.

If he lived here in Lafayette, LA I would definitely hire him.

In the meantime, somebody call Ellen—or at least share this post and tag her in it!

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