I sometimes think of my life as a musical. You know where all the events that are taking place around me are set to music and many of my thoughts and conversations unfold into a glorious song.  Yeah, I have a lot of time on my hands and I don't get out much so I think about stuff like this.

In this video the young man that you don't see is obviously a typical young man. Cleaning his room is not his passion. It is a sticking point in his relationship with his mother. She like a lot of moms wants the bedroom to be neat and tidy.

When she comes into his room to announce her edict for his day he records her. He then takes that recording and using modern technology creates a rather unique musical version of her request. You can watch the full version of it here.  I am guessing he could have used that time to clean his room but he is a snot nosed kid why  would he do something like that?

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