I love kids, they are my favorite kind of people. Kids, don't have the issues that adults have, kids are basically honest and that honesty can be pretty scary. I don't know how many times I have been burned by a kid winner on the radio. You expect an excited reaction and you get...nothing.

Al Roker knows this feeling all too well. This young lady  has just won the coveted kid reporter slot on NBC's Today show. She obviously wasn't watching the show even though she was on the set of the show at the time. The priceless reaction of  "Huh?" when she is given the news made me laugh outloud.

Al Roker finally goads her into being excited and we get the obligatory high-pitched ear drum busting scream we were expecting. Still I have a question. If this was a competition where were the other kids?

She appears to be the only kid in the studio so of course she would be the winner. Even the Today show isn't so cold and callous that it would bring a child on camera to tell them they have just lost. That kind of behavior is best left for Fox TV.

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