Some people like the parades. Some people like the balls. I like the King Cakes. That's how I get my Mardi Gras mojo working. There is nothing like that carnival colored tasty treat get me in the spirit of the Mardi Gras season.

Since Mardi Gras season is short this year. Fat Tuesday is February 9th if you didn't know. A lot of us will be rushing to our favorite King  Cake bakery and snapping them up while we can. The short season is expected to keep cake bakeries on their toes and producing at a rapid rate to keep up with the demand.

This is absolutely our busiest time. We bring in more staff than any other time throughout the year for the next four or five weeks. It’ll keep us busy.

That's what David Haydel a Co-owner of Haydel's Bakery in New Orleans told the Louisiana Radio Network. He said his place, like many bakeries in Louisiana, will be making King Cakes for the locals and making almost as many to ship all over the world.

We’ve had some go to Egypt, Italy, France, Australia. Basically, anywhere that UPS can deliver, we can send a king cake to.

Sam Scelfo, owner of Gambino's Bakery, says the short season will also be busy for his bakery but the real rush of the season will most likely be the same.

The bulk of your business is those last 12 days, no matter when it falls, but it sure is nice to have all those extra days when you’re selling the extra king cakes and that’ll just be gone. You lose that part of your sales.

The joy about King Cakes is there are so many different varieties and fillings from which to choose. Our advice make your selection now and go back often because the window of enjoyment for King Cake is small this year. It's okay you can always work off those extra calories during Lent.

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