We are in the thick of Mardi Gras season in south Louisiana and before the parades fire up, the most important part of the early season revolves around: a) Mardi Gras balls b) King Cakes!

The latter is something we can all partake in. Just stop by your local grocery store, gas station or bakery and you are sure to have your taste buds delighted with a new twist on the long-time Epiphany-based traditional treat.

Who has the best king cake? That question has been posed a million times and the answers are as wide and varied as our own personal taste.

But it's fun to read about what other people think. Country Roads Magazine recently did a regional survey about some of the best places to find king cakes and they published their top 5.

Two came from Baton Rouge, one from New Orleans and the other two came from Lafayette.

The two Lafayette bakeries with rockin' king cakes according to their research are Meche's Donut King and Poupart's.

The magazine applauded Poupart's for their traditional French king cake or galette de rois, which consists of a layer of thick almond cream sandwiched between two circular layers of light, flaky puff pastry.

And then on the opposite end you get the deliciousness that is Meche's where you can partake in their famous donut king cake. (Yes, we know about the debate whether or not it's really a "king cake" but we'll save that discussion for another day.)

They use the same dough they use for their donuts then the cinnamon is blended and then it's off to the deep fryer. Afterwards it's a heavy dose of purple, green and gold glaze. Filling options are plentiful but the the magazine is a big fan of Bavarian cream.

You can check out the complete top 5 list of the best king cakes from Country Roads Magazine here.


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