It is officially king cake season. Personally, I like "touring" the local bakeries and having a bite out of as many different king cakes as I can.

If you are like me, then you are in heaven if you live in south Louisiana. Not only does every bakery have those sweet delights, but every grocery store, mom-and-pop corner store, shoot, even big box stores are trying to get in on the action.

Who has the best king cake though? That question can only be answered through exhaustive field research!

Or, you can let a new local website help you out. The site is and is the brain child of UL professor Bob Carriker, who is the head of the History and Geography department.

The site is designed to help people find the best king cake around. King cakes are rated by the number of "babies" they receive. The scale is 0 to 12.

Check out the rankings of the king cakes they've rated thus far:

Keller's Bakery - 12 out of 12
La Fille, Son Chien, & Le Pain - 12 out of 12
Crystal Weddings - 11 out of 12
Sucre: A Sweet Boutique - 11 out of 12
Sophi P Cakes - 11 out of 12
Freetown Fries - 11 out of 12
Meche's Donut King - 9 out of 12
Great Harvest Bread Co. - 8 out of 12
Southside Bakery - 8 out of 12
Twins Burgers and Sweets - 8 out of 12
Whole Foods in Lafayette - 7 out of 12
Fresh Market - 6 out of 12
Poupart's Bakery - 5 out of 12
Gambino's Bakery - 5 out of 12
Rouses - 4.5 out of 12
Walmart - 4 out of 12
Sam's Club - 2 out of 12

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