Imagine you are leaving to go somewhere, and out in your yard, you find a bag full of KKK printed material right by one of the tires of your car. That is just what happened to Mondrian Douglas according to her statement to KTVE/KARD after she contacted the police.

In addition to being very angry, Douglas says she is now in overdrive when it comes to the protection of her kids. She says in addition to the flyers in the bags, there were also spa rocks which she takes as a threat to her kids.

She told KTVE/KARD, "I'm not so much scared by angry and overprotective right now, I can't even let my kids come outside to play." She says despite having a yard dog, she is not letting her kids play outside anymore. She says she is going to spend the summer taking her kids to the park for their safety.

Douglas is tough though, and she is incensed. She says, "If I wake up in the morning, and I see somebody out with a hooded robe in my yard they're not going to be breathing. I have to protect my children, and I am not my ancestors. Period."

It's not like it was just one bag of flyers either. Douglas says they were all over the place as she was making her way out of her neighborhood. Douglas says she is very angry.

If you were wondering about what constitutes a hate crime in Louisiana, you can click here.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, there are still hate crimes that happen. The Acadiana community was rocked when three predominately black churches were burned to the ground by Holden Matthews. But, you can see by clicking here, that these are not isolated incidents in the state whether it's about race, sexual origin, or some other kind of hate.

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